Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Nationwide Blog-out


After lugging my li'l computer around for a week untouched, I finally busted it out at Charlie Jong's Dune Guesthouse in Dunhuang, to find, to my astonishment, that everything worked: plug adapter, charger, computer, even free wi-fi. Sometimes progress is almost too good.

All set to get busy with this blog, I quickly discovered that blogger.com is blocked in the PRC. (So's Facebook, if anyone's counting.)

So I made some notes offline and bided my time until I'd be out of China and back on the Internet, finally able to get this blog off the ground. Welcome to this morning, as I sit at a very European-seeming cafe in Almaty drinking in the gloriously cool, rainy weather with my nose and the too-long-abandoned coffee (and strawbery-poppy tart) with my mouth. I love green tea, but after a solid ten days of the stuff--and serious sleep deprivation on the 32-hour train here--I was very ready for a shot of burned beans and milk (dairy products being another all-but-unheard-of entity in China).

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